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Handmade has been a part of who we are since our humble beginnings. It’s embedded in nearly every aspect of our business, from being in our name to the things you see in our shops.



Our commitment to handmade can be seen in every product we make. Devoted compounders slice, squeeze and mix up fresh batches of our products every day of the week. Then, to give them a personal, handmade touch, they’re molded, shaped, decorated, and packed by happy people—and we believe in happy people making happy soap. It’s why no two bath bombs or bubble bars are ever exactly the same.

Our gifts are no exception either—they’re also hand-packed with our handmade delights, and every ribbon is also tied by hand. Every time you buy a pre-wrapped Lush gift for that special someone, you can feel certain that our team has put the same amount of loving care into packing and wrapping it that you would.

We also believe in “putting our faces on our products”, which is why you’ll find face stickers on all of our bottles and pots, but even they’ve got a handmade element too: our in-house graphic designers illustrate a digital portrait, which they then turn into those coveted face stickers, so you can see who made your product, the date it was made, along with its “best-by” date—this ensures our products are as fresh as can be when you bring them home.


Our commitment to handmade doesn’t stop at our products and gifts—our shops are carefully handcrafted too. All the beautiful reclaimed wood furniture that gives our shops their signature look is constructed in our very own woodshop in Vancouver, Canada. And the slogans you see on our shop walls have all been handwritten by experts on our Shop Design team.

In North America, everything we sell (aside from our perfumes) is made by hand in our Vancouver and Toronto factories. Huge kitchen-like areas are filled with most of the things you’d find in your own kitchen, including whole rooms packed with fresh ingredients for our gorgeous recipes. We like knowing the exact conditions under which our products and shops are produced and outfitted, and which materials are used. This way, we can ensure that everything we use is of the highest quality and has been ethically sourced from beginning to end.

Watch how we make our bestselling Scrubee Body Butter by hand!


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