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How to Choose Your Body Cleanser

How to Choose Your Body Cleanser

If you think soap is the only way to get clean, think again!

From scrubs, shower gels, shower jellies, body cleansers and, of course, soap, we’ve got a huge variety of sudsers that will help you wash away dirt and grime from head to toe. Not sure which cleanser is the best fit for your needs? Not to worry; we can help!

In the greater world of bath and body products, most companies focus on elaborate packaging or marketing to skin types instead of the ingredients. How silly is that? We prefer to focus on what goes inside our pots. All of our cleansers are handmade with the highest possible amount of fresh, effective ingredients to suit a wide range of skin needs.

With so many types of cleansers to choose from, we give you a few tips for choosing the best one for your skin.

1. Define your skin’s needs

How would you describe your skin to another person? Forget trying to categorize yourself into “combination” or “Skin Type B”. Your skin has needs that are as varied and unique as you are. Our product and brand training expert Erica Vega told us, “It’s important to define exactly what your skin needs before choosing a cleanser. If it’s oily in your T-zone and dry in other places, you could call it combination, but what your skin really needs is balance. If that’s the case, then choosing a cleanser with balancing ingredients, like lavender or honey, will help ensure your skin starts looking its best.”

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2. Notice how your skin feels after washing

So you’re using soap daily because it satisfies your need to wash away the day, but how does your skin feel afterwards? Comfortable or too tight? Or maybe it doesn’t feel clean enough? This rebound effect is an indicator that your cleanser isn’t working for you! Your cleanser shouldn’t create another skincare issue to deal with. The type of reaction your skin is having to your current cleanser can help you choose an alternative better suited to your needs.

3. Decide what you want your cleanser to do

This is probably the most important step! If you’re looking for a good scrub, consider a face and body cleanser with natural exfoliants like ground almonds, sea salt, polenta or sand. Suffering from dry skin? No problem! Our shower creams (coming soon) are packed with wheatgerm oil to give them a creamy lather that helps to lock in moisture, leaving skin soft and supple. For that squeaky clean feel, choose a shower gel. They’re made with fresh fruit juices to help break through dirt and oil.

To give your skin a wake-up call, there are shower jellies. Pop one in the fridge or freezer before every shower, and the cold will help stimulate circulation – perfect for soothing sore muscles and leaving skin refreshed and ready to take on the day. And if you love soap, we’ve got a huge range that does all this and more!

4. How do you want your skin to look and feel?

Everyone wants to be happy with what they see in the mirror. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, but you probably have a more specific idea of what that means for you. Glowing, fresh, balanced, matte, soft...the list goes on! There’s no wrong answer and we create our cleansers to give you the best possible version of your skin. This may mean trying a few at home before you get it right, but getting all up in a lather is all part of the fun!


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