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How to: get a gorgeous glow

How to: get a gorgeous glow

A radiant, fresh appearance starts with the skin. Charlotte Howe, resident colour expert, offers five top tips to getting a good glow:




Start by exfoliating with a gentle cleanser like Angels on Bare Skin at least every other day. It gives skin a smooth texture for even application of your base every time.


Tone and Moisturise


Lush toners remove any residual cleanser and, as they are made with fruit, flower and herb waters, help to hydrate the skin. Steam or spritz on before applying your favourite moisturiser.




To brighten skin tone and give it luminosity, apply a thin layer of skin tint before using your foundation. Alternatively, mix in a hint of the highlighter to your moisturiser or foundation. Charisma is perfect for giving tanned or darker skin tones radiance, and gives a warm glow to pale skin.


Apply Feeling Younger on the brow bone, eyelid, Cupid’s bow, or collar bone to reflect light and make it glow. You can also dot a minute amount underneath the eye to minimise the look of dark circles.




Emotional Brilliance face powder helps to keep your foundation in place, and it can also be used alone to even out the skin tone for a natural look. With it's moisturising jojoba oil and mattifying talc, it helps to create a shine-free finish without drying the skin.


To use, make sure your base make up is completely dry before you apply. Once you’ve loaded the powder onto a brush, tap off the excess. Starting from the nose, sweep outwards across the face, brushing evenly. Keep blending until the coverage is just right.

Reflect the light from the skin and make it glow.


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