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How To Recycle Christmas Gift Wrap

How To Recycle Christmas Gift Wrap

When the presents are all opened and the nut roast has been demolished, the artefacts of Christmas are strewn across the living room. What to do with all the recyclable wrapping paper, ribbons, Knot Wraps and gift boxes? In the spirit of recycling, here are a few ideas to get you on the road to a waste-free festive season.

Short term

If you like it, you should put a bow on it

Life is better with ribbons. Tie them in your hair, around some freshly picked flowers, or give your Christmas cake the perfect finishing touch. If your napkins could do with some extra flair, a bow couldn’t hurt. Love to get creative? Why not use them on a handmade greeting card? You could even chop those pretty ribbons up and thread them through old cards. Voila! Gift tags!

Table runners

If a festive feast isn’t doing enough to bring the Christmas spirit to your dining table, a seasonal Knot Wrap should spruce things up a bit. If you’ve found yourself with more knot-wraps than you can shake a cinnamon stick at, you might have just found yourself a new set of napkins.

Deck the halls

Ribbons are good for threading through all manner of things, so get crafty and whip up a few decorations, or rethread tired baubles. Your ribbons could see a new lease of life as bunting, Christmas tree decorations, or whatever else you turn your hand to.

Wrap it up

It was wrapping once, and it can be wrapping again. Keep your Knot Wraps, ribbons and boxes safe for the next time you’re giving a gift. If the paper has survived the Christmas gift unwrapping frenzy, even that can be ironed and used for future gifting. 

Long term

Storage with style

Make certain your Christmas decorations are in good shape to be reused next year by storing them in your empty gift boxes. Take Big Bang, a Lens gift. Lush Lens is a feature of the Lush Labs App that has the ability to scan any naked product and give you all the information you want without the need for excess packaging. Stripped of its tag and ribbon, this box is the perfect size and shape to keep all of your baubles in. Hey presto! You’ve doubled on your eco-friendly festivities this season. 

Upcycle your Knot Wraps

We’ve been Knot Wrapping for 10 years, so we have plenty of ideas for how to use this reusable wrapping. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, a Knot Wrap could soon become a cushion cover or shopping bag

Wear your knot-wraps

When your Knot Wrap is just too good to give away, it might be time to wrap yourself up. Is it a scarf? Is it a headband? Is it a bracelet? It’s whatever you want it to be.

Or perhaps you’d like to give your stash a shakeup? With the new Knot Swap scheme, you can update your collection while ensuring your old ones are given a new home. Just pop into any Lush store and exchange for an amazing 50% off another Knot Wrap!

Organise your Lush haul

If you’ve got a bath bomb storage situation, reusing gift boxes might just solve all your woes. Some boxes are just too beautiful to put in the recycling.


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