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Inside the Lush Perfume Library

Inside the Lush Perfume Library

A unique space that merges inspirational literature with a range of exclusive perfumes. Step into your nearest Lush Perfume Library and you’ll unearth a huge selection of fine fragrance. Read on to discover more about these one-of-a-kind shops.

Alongside Lush's current perfume range, visitors to the Lush Perfume Libraries will find 29 fine fragrances including re-released perfumes from Cosmetics to Go, Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful and Lush. So far, you’ll find perfume libraries in Liverpool, Florence, Munich, Shinjuku, Poole, Oxford Street and Birmingham.

Each fragrance acts as a hallmark in our perfume history, showcases the love of fine fragrance by Lush’s perfumers and the evolution of our own perfume history.  Without following market trends or compromising on the quality of ingredients and integrity to the art, fragrance has always been a means of expression for Lush perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine and Emma Dick. The Perfume Library offers customers and staff a unique opportunity to learn about perfumery and own a piece of fragrance history.

As well as new exclusives and previously released perfumes, the Perfume Library also features a collection of books recommended by Mark Constantine on perfumery, essential oils and aromatherapy. 

This is the first time we’ve sold a large selection of non-Lush books in one of our shops. Books have always been part of the fabric at Lush and over the years they’ve inspired products, have been used in staff training and editorial meetings. Lush has always enjoyed sharing books with staff and customers that have inspired its founders, products and values, and we often invite authors along to live book club events in the Lush London office in Beak St.

The books on sale in the Perfume Library are there to inspire and share insight into perfumery, its history and its creation process. Some of these books have inspired Lush’s perfumers, currently sitting on the shelves in their labs, they’re used for research and education on perfumery. By selling them alongside the perfumes that have been created over the years, each fragrance acts as a hallmark in our perfume history. This collection of perfumes and books showcases Lush’s love of perfumery and the evolution of our perfume history. Visit and you can own a little piece of Lush’s fragrant history. Here’s a list of the perfumes you can expect to find in the libraries. 


Fragrances exclusive to The Perfume Library

Salarium  9,950 PHP for 100ml  

A superlative blend of oudh, neroli and rose that’s really worth its salt. Sublimely smooth and sexy, with a rugged undertone. The reworked Salarium contains regenerative neroli oil from Lebanon. You can read all about it here. This rare perfume was created in 1989 for Cosmetics To Go and inspired by an evening in Cannes. 


Secret Garden 12,995.00 PHP for 100ml

Sticky apricot notes combine with myrrh to create a rich, resinous perfume with green hues and straw undertones. 

A Gorilla Gallery Tour Exclusive in 2017. As an optimistic gardener, Simon often fantasises about growing plants and flowers to create the perfect permaculture plot. After a few failed attempts he found it easier to create this gorgeous fragrance. It captures the smell of his imagined secret garden and is a tip of his hat to the dear friend who taught him about permaculture. 

V  4,695.00 PHP for 100ml

Sensual violet, a slice of intrigue, a dash of mistaken identity and lashings of champagne. A delicate floral fragrance that’s just a little bit gothic.

 Learn more about the regenerative ylang ylang in this perfume here.

In 1995 Lush launched five perfumes and V was one of them. One of Mark’s first perfumes and his first violet perfume.

Cocktail 5,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A sultry homage to French perfumery, this statement jasmine fragrance will become completely, idiosyncratically yours. An elegant dress-up perfume that really comes to life on the skin. Sustainably sourced ylang ylang adds graceful notes to this perfume; learn more about it here.

Originally created under Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful in 2004, Cocktail is a beautiful dress-up fragrance, a final gesture in the ritual of preparing to go out for a special evening. 

B Scent  6,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A sparkling, sophisticated grapefruit and rose bouquet with an elegant flourish of fennel.  Inspired by Paris and carefree, fruity summers. Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful’s house scent, created in 2004. B Scent is a tribute to the time in our lives when we are young, carefree, single and ready to branch out. Nothing seems impossible.

Two More Hearts  5,295.00 PHP for 100ml

Is tonight the night? Chaste rose says wait while carnal jasmine seduces. A delicately sensual musk that promises long evenings dressed in nothing but each other’s company.

A remix of a sensual and sophisticated Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume called Two Hearts Beating As One from 2004.

Fantabulosa 5,295.00 PHP for 100ml

Oi, darling, varda a new smellie? An intriguing and sophisticatedly sweet bananary blend to wear with pride. Originally a 2004 Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume, Fantaboulsa means  ‘wonderful’ in Polari: a form of slang used by gay men in Britain prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967, primarily as a coded way for them to discuss their experiences.

Superworld Unknown 5,295.00 PHP for 100ml

Run away to the circus with this fantastically tart and gourmand perfume, evocative of sherbert fountains, toffee apples and candy floss. Originally created for Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful in 2008, this perfume was named after the ‘Superworldunknown’ album by Swedish singer Karin Park, who visited the Be shop in 2003.

The Smell Of Freedom  8,295.00 PHP for 100ml

For rebel hearts and freedom fighters comes a blend of fire tree, oudh and lemongrass to stoke a fire in your soul. Rich and earthy on the skin, evocative and deeply affecting on passersby. Created in 2010 as part of the first Gorilla perfumes launch. The three components of The Smell of Freedom (Old Delhi station, Oudh heart, Firetree). 

Orange Blossom  6,175.00 PHP for 100ml

A hedonistic bouquet of neroli, orange flower and rosewood that recalls the Mediterranean in full bloom. Crisp, sharp and just a little rough around the edges.

Created in 2010 as part of the first Gorilla perfumes launch and now made with regeneratively sourced neroli from Lebanese farms that oppose illegal bird shooting.

Hairdresser’s Husband  8,295.00 PHP  for 100ml

Intoxicating salon smells of hair spray, rose water and shampoo are tangled up in orange, grapefruit and tonka. This homage to hairdressing is so mouthwatering you’ll want to pour it all over ice and drink up. Hairdresser’s Husband was a Gorilla Gallery exclusive perfume in 2010. Watch Mark talk about the inspiration for Hairdresser’s Husband and see glimpses of the Gorilla Gallery here.

Lord of Goathorn  8,295.00 PHP for 100ml

Let this distinct and divisive perfume carry you away on a tide of basil, tarragon and seaweed, as salty marine notes turn smoky on the skin. A unique, uncompromising fragrance that will make the landlocked yearn for the seaside. From the Volume II collection in 2012, inspired by a longshoreman known as the Lord of Goathorn, this is a distinctly marine-like fragrance.

The Bug  8,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A protest perfume for the surveillance age. Galbanum, elemi and labdanum combine in a dystopic, changeable blend that smells eerily cold at first, but is changeable, peppery and immensely likeable on the skin. A dystopian fragrance from the Volume II collection in 2012.

Death and Decay  6,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A loving, reverent study of pure, sweet lilies and funereal silences. Notes of ylang ylang, rose and jasmine are serene and poignant on the skin, yet ultimately uplifting with time.

Created for the Volume III collection in 2014, the message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism delivered in a glorious, floral flourish. 

Dad’s Garden - Chamomile and Honeysuckle  6,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A stirring and herbaceous homage to Mark’s chamomile lawn, bordered by honeysuckle. Lavender and orange flower bring elegance and warmth, promising the highs of a new summer and the prospect of renewal.

Created for the Volume III collection in 2014. Symbolic of the passing of tradition from generation to generation, this perfume is Simon Constantine’s own homage to his father and Lush co-founder Mark Constantine’s garden. This fragrance tackles the more positive elements of mourning and signals the process of renewal and moving forwards.

Road from Damascus  9,995.00 PHP  for 100ml

Dusky rose partners with bitter orange, evoking the Middle Eastern florals of Syria and Lebanon. A beautifully poignant perfume, inspired by Simon’s meetings with Syrian refugees forced to flee their homeland. Simon went on a buying trip to Lebanon to experience the Damascus rose and orange flower that was found there. After passing through a checkpoint on his travels, Simon was warned that he and his companions wouldn’t be able to return the same way. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, Lebanon has taken in over one million refugees. For Simon, experiencing checkpoints guarded at gunpoint and talking to refugees about their flight to safety really brought home the reality of how much the world has changed. A Gorilla Gallery Tour exclusive from 2017, crafted to promote Volume IV.

`  £80 for 100ml

A bold and uncompromising verdant perfume with herbal hues. Freshly cut grass meets arresting neroli, with just a hint of violet and earthy sandalwood. The anticipation of summer, bottled in a forest fragrance. This was a community favourites exclusive from 2018. 

Flower’s Barrow  1,795.00 PHP for 30ml

A quintessentially English scent with mood-brightening roman chamomile oil, rose, sage and thyme. A fresh and floral fragrance with an inviting heart of blackcurrant. A sublime blend created in 2012 for the Volume II collection

Furze  1,595.00 PHP for 30ml

Furze encapsulates the hazy warmth of gorse flower aroma using lavish essential oils of sweet, honeyed neroli and lightly floral, woody mimosa. The prickly thorns of gorse are here, in green notes lying on the perimeter, but their presence is welcome. They are an enshrouding guard to allow buttery, blossoming moods to rise unsullied. From the Volume II collection, created in 2012. 

Cardamom Coffee  6,150.00 PHP for 100ml    

Inspired by a cup of coffee Simon received at a refugee camp in Lebanon. After losing so much and fleeing their home countries, the people at the camp were still so kind. Cardamom coffee speaks of more than just warming spices and a rich aroma. It's a comforting hand on yours, a gift from someone who had nothing left to give. A reminder of human generosity. You inhale deeply. Sweet and spicy cardamom oil lifts you out of your world, into someone else's. Rose oil serves as a delicate floral reminder of the summer. Olive leaf absolute, an extension of peace. From the  Volume IV collection, created in 2016

Icon  2,495.00 PHP for 30ml        

A rich and sophisticated perfume full of light and shade. Icon draws you in with a big hit of orange blossom and bergamot, but it's the rich, smoky myrrh and sandalwood that linger. A refined and mysterious fragrance that is both light and dark. A charismatic fragrance for those who appreciate the finer things. Created in 1999 by Mark Constantine.

Princess Cottongrass 1,895.00 PHP for 30ml

A secretive scent of violet and neroli fragrance evocative of alien fairytales and forgotten promises. Inspired by the Swedish tale of a lost princess who waits by a lake in the forest, hoping to reclaim the golden heart necklace she lost to the depths. Walk along the lakeside where you may see the slender cottongrass plants watching over the water and you will know she is still waiting. A delicate floral, both sweet and distant as it blossoms on your skin. This was part of the Volume III collection, created in 2014.

The Smell of Weather  8,295.00 PHP for 100ml

A walk in the fields after a storm, raindrops drying on warm grass. Fresh English peppermint sparks like distant lightning watched from afar. Oakmoss and bay oil develop into sweet smoky hay on the skin, drying grasses rustling around you as the storm blows over. A fragrance from times past: warm, natural and unique. From the Volume I Collection, created in 2010.

Tank Battle  1,595.00 PHP for 30ml

Delve into the world of a life lived rentless as sweet bubblegum competes with the earthy scent of rain. Outside, a battle rages, scenting the air with spray paint. As the war comes closer, patchouli breaks down your door. Take a stand, defend creativity and demand no less than complete freedom.

When Tachowa's home was tagged by Banksy, a bidding war started over ownership of the tank, not realising the world it held inside. Which is more valuable? The home made of art or the art piece made from someone's home? Part of the Volume IV collection, created in 2016.

Kerbside Violet 1,895.00 PHP for 30ml

Soft, green shoots entwined with heavy concrete - a romance of earth and stone imagined in sweet, green hues. Sweet violets border the kerbs; tenacious in their delicacy, earnest little faces fragile enough to crush underfoot. Look closer. See how the petals flush with colour and dew hangs at the throat of each bud. See how the violets spread, mycellium-like, through an urban jungle, adorning avenues of gravel and brick with purple plumage. A tentative springtime imagined in perfume, still tempered by morning frosts, but with the promise of summer to come. Part of the Volume III collection, created in 2014.

Dear John 1,745.00 PHP for 30ml

Evoking memories of reading old books and Sunday morning coffee, Dear John whisks you back to childhood. Whether sitting in your grandfather's lap by an open fire or walking in the forest with your dad, this woody, spicy and moreish scent will leave you feeling safe and sentimental. Smoky vetivert oil relaxes your mind and soothes your worries. Cedarwood oil improves focus and relaxes the mind and clove bud oil grounds and calms. A hint of coffee completes this nostalgia trip and the unique and comforting scent will envelope you in a warm, smoky hug. Originally from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, created in 2004 as a touching homage to the father Mark Constantine never knew. Later to be reunited, Dear John: The Road to Pelindaba is the story of this tale.

Devil’s Nightcap  2,495.00 PHP for 30ml            

Deep green oakmoss grounds this perfume, ylang ylang fills the heart and seduces, while clary sage floats above to clear the mind and inspire the imagination. Devil’s Nightcap is a walk through the ancient countryside with the sea air in your lungs. Part of the Volume II collection, created in 2012.


‘The book that started it all.’ Mark Constantine Lush co-founder & perfumer on The Art Of Aromatherapy by Robert Tisserand


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