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Lush Giving - Our Charitable Support

Lush Giving - Our Charitable Support

During the last financial year, Lush donated nearly £3.8 million to hardworking grassroots organisations globally.

We offer grants across a number of different Giving streams, spanning grassroots activism, regenerative design, fighting animal testing, and more.


Charity Pot 

We created Charity Pot hand and body lotion in April 2007 to raise money for small, volunteer run charities and campaigns working in the areas of animal protection, human rights and environmental protection. Charity Pot grants range from £100 - £10,000. We try to help as many different groups as possible around the world including not-for-profit organisations which aren’t registered charities and newly formed groups. Priority is given to the organisations campaigning to create long term change and we try to help those whose radical position may deter other funders. 

Every penny you pay, except the VAT, goes to helping these carefully selected groups and the work they do.

In our last financial year, our generous customers in the UK and Ireland raised £918,000 for vital and important grassroots campaigns and charities by buying Charity Pot. Thank you.

Globally, Charity Pot is now sold in 35 different countries and in our last financial year, we donated over £3.1 million – all of which was donated to grassroots organisations working in the areas of animal protection, human rights and environmental protection.

If you're involved in a small charity or campaigning group and would like to apply for funding, please have a look at our funding guidelines.


Re:Fund and Spring Prize
Lush’s Regeneration Fund, or Re:Fund, was launched in 2018. The Re:Fund was born out of the desire to move beyond sustainability, toward environmental and social ‘Regeneration’.

The Re:Fund spans three areas of giving, offering funds to organisations and projects working in the areas of Disaster & Displacement; Permaculture & Agroecology; and/or Rewilding & Biodiversity.

Within the Re:Fund also sits a biennial award called the Spring Prize. The Spring Prize aims to recognise and celebrate the amazing achievements of groups working toward ecological and social regeneration.

Both the Re:Fund and Spring Prize aim to support whole-systems approaches to some of the biggest challenges facing human and non-human communities today.

In the last financial year, Re:Fund gave grants to the total of £594,816. Funds for Re:Fund are raised through the sale of carrier bags in England, Scotland and Wales.

You can read more about Re:Fund, and Lush’s support of regenerative design, here.


Lush Prize
The Lush Prize rewards initiatives across the scientific and campaigning sectors that work to end or replace animal testing, particularly in the area of toxicology research. Since launching in 2012, the Lush Prize has given £2.19 million to 110 winners in 28 countries, on every continent except Antarctica.

Now a biennial prize, the Lush Prize launched in partnership with Ethical Consumer Research Association, and has become the largest prize fund in the non-animal testing sector.

The Lush Prize aims to support the most progressive work in the field, ensuring animal-free research continues with the highest level of impact possible. 


Tailor Made Giving
Showing kindness can be a revolutionary act. Through our Tailor Made Giving programs, Lush leverages our resources to have a wide reach of support. Our five black pots scheme offers a free fresh face mask as an incentive for recycling. Our product donations offer essential hygiene products to spaces such as refugee camps or women’s shelters.



Lush is an activist organisation at heart. We have always been vocal about the issues that we care about, and use our shop windows and website as a way to highlight those issues.

Alongside awareness raising, we sometimes sell limited edition charitable products during our campaigns, and donate the proceeds from these directly to the work of the organisations involved in the campaign issues.

One example is the recent Orangutan Soap. 100% of the sale of the soap (minus VAT) was donated toward the work of the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) and the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC). The funds raised contributed to SOS and OIC’s purchase of 890 acres of a monoculture palm plantation. SOS and OIC have since been returning it to a natural and biodiverse state, where Orangutans and other native animals can thrive. SOS also created an agroforestry demonstration site, showing that it’s possible, and preferable, to grow crops within a healthy and biodiverse forest, without deforestation.

Through the sales of the IRL bath bomb in 2020, money was raised for a new, limited fund called the Wholeness Fund. This is offering grants to small groups working in the areas of mental health and wellbeing. Applications are open until 31st December 2020


Annual Awards

Each year Lush Limited chooses ten special groups to each receive an unrestricted grant. The recipients are already known to Lush through our various giving streams and are chosen for their efforts in making a vital contribution to social change in the areas of animal protection, human rights and environmental protection.

In the last financial year £100k was given with a £10k grant for each group.

Find out which groups received the award in previous years here

You can read more about the impact of the Lush Giving streams on our We Are Lush platform.


Picture at top of page: Ecohustler, founded in 2009 at the COP 15 UN climate conference. Ecohustler sets out to amplify alternative ideas and approaches to environmentalism.


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