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Stir it up: how to use hot oils

Stir it up: how to use hot oils

Treat your tresses to a little luxury with these do-it-yourself hot oil treatments. Here’s how to get head-turning hair from the comfort of your own home.


All you will need for the following is a kettle, your choice of hot oil treatment and a large mug or clean Lush black pot. What you choose to do whilst waiting for your treatment to develop is entirely up to you, whether it’s a spot of meditation, some quality cuddles with a furry friend, or perhaps burying your head in a good book. Why not use this time for you?


These treatments are best applied to dry hair so that your locks can drink up all of those wonderful essential oils and fruit juices. Ready to go? It’s simple. Pop the kettle on and add the final ingredient.  

  1. Fill a mug with boiling water (leaving a little space at the top) and simply stir in your hot oil treatment until it has completely melted.
  2. Allow the treatment to cool a little - the longer you leave it the thicker it will be. Perhaps this is the ideal time to enjoy a nice, comforting cuppa? A richer emulsion (with less water) gives weight to the hair, while a lighter texture (with more water) will maintain bounce and volume.  
  3. Leave on for around 20 minutes, and shampoo away to leave wonderfully conditioned locks and a happy scalp. (Using a conditioner afterwards is optional, but due to the fact hot oil treatments contain three times the amount of anti-statics as the liquid conditioners and are packed with lots of deeply conditioning oils it isn’t a necessity.)
  4. If you find you have any product left over, simply save in a pot and use again as an ordinary conditioner for up to four weeks.

Why not browse the collection to find your hair’s perfect match? You can find out more about hot oil treatments here.


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