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Açaí Oil

Vitamin rich

Açaí isn’t just for your aesthetically pleasing breakfast bowls, the oil extracted from the fruit pulp is packed with a combination of fatty acids and a whole host of vitamins to keep skin moisturised, firm and soothed.

Description Açaí oil is obtained from the Açaí Palm, and Lush sources it from Brazil. The oil is green in colour, and despite it’s fruity origins it has a rather bland smell. But, what it lacks in smell, it makes up for in it’s effects when applied to the skin. The oil is an emollient on the skin and is absorbed quickly. Packed with vitamins B and C, these antioxidants protect the skin and help to maintain firmness and brightness. The oil also contains a hydrating combination of omega 3, 5 and 6, some fatty acids that help to soothe and protect the skin, acting as building blocks for collagen production.

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