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Arnoise Absolute

Arnoise Absolute

Warming and cleansing

On skin and scalp, armoise absolute is stimulating and warming on the skin, increasing blood circulation and helping to ease sore muscles and joints. It is also anti-bacterial and antifungal, cleanses the skin and its subtle scent is thought to relax the mind.

Armoise, most commonly known as mugwort, is a shrubby weed found in temperate regions, expanding happily along every path. It grows numerous small, brownish-yellow to red flowers. Through the centuries, mugwort has been a part of many folklores, thrown into St John firepits or worn around the neck to ward off evil in some regions of Europe. It has also been quoted in ancient medical books and poems. The very common grey weed has become so distinguished, nowadays it is loved for ornamental purposes and even called the mother of herbs.

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