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Basil Oil

Basil Oil

Antiseptic and fragrant

Fragrant basil oil cleanses and soothes the skin while its uplifting aroma helps to blow away day-to-day stress. It’s difficult to describe the scent of basil without evoking Italian cuisine where it is used in abundance and in which the fresh leaves spread a unique herbal smell, evoking the Mediterranean coastline.

Description Basil belongs to the Labiatae family and originates from tropical Asia, although it’s now cultivated all over Europe and the USA. The leaves are green and the flowers can be pink or white, depending on the species of the plant. Basil contains linalool and eugenol which are known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties — therefore it has been used for centuries to cleanse, purify and soothe the skin, from clearing blackheads and dandruff to calming insect bites and acne. Lush buy basil oil in Vietnam where the oil is steam distilled from the green leaves of basil.

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