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Calcium lactate

Calcium lactate


When cooking and science meet you get molecular cuisine. When molecular cuisine and Lush meet you get innovative products. When calcium lactate and sodium alginate (link to the page) meet you get a firm, soluble film helping to create spheres and slimy textures that are good for molecular cuisine, good for Lush, good for the environment and good for skin.

Calcium lactate can be found naturally in cheese, forming crispy crystals like in aged cheddar. Isolated and reproduced synthetically - and therefore vegan - it can be used by itself as a firming agent in food and cosmetics, but it mostly became popular in molecular cuisine for creating a flavourless film when combined with sodium alginate, an edible seaweed. The complementary use of calcium lactate and sodium alginate can also be used to give a nice slip to products and soften the feeling of exfoliating materials rubbed on the skin.

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