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Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax

Protective and thickening

Carnauba wax is used in blends alongside other thickening ingredients, such as cocoa butter, to add hardness to the texture of a product. As all waxes, it also creates a protective layer and adds shine and luster to skin and hair.

Description Carnauba wax palm (Copernicia cerifera) is native to Brazil. Waxes from vegetable sources are often found on the leaves, preventing water loss. The wax is obtained by drying selected leaves in the sun for days. The exudation on the leaves is turned to dust, which is removed by threshing. It is then melted with water, strained and cooled. Carnauba wax is very versatile, hard and brittle with an earthy note. Waxes are harder than fats, have a much higher melting point and do not become rancid.

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