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Chamomile Vinegar

Chamomile Vinegar

Antibacterial and soothing

Chamomile vinegar tightens the pores, acts as an antibacterial agent and soothes the skin.

Description Chamomile is a mat forming, evergreen perennial plant with aromatic, finely divided leaves. In the summer, long-stalked flowers with yellow discs and creamy petals are produced. Chamomile flowers are collected when they are in full bloom and used fresh, frozen, or dried. These can be used for infusions, liquid extracts, powders and vinegars. To make chamomile vinegar, chamomile flowers are added to cider vinegar and left for two weeks. The mixture is then strained and diluted, ready to be added into products. Using various vinegars for their benefit to the skin is traditional practice in cosmetics – vinegars are highly acidic and act as a preservative in natural products. They have been used as an important ingredient in ancient hair rinses and skin treatments; in fact spirit of vinegar was reputedly one of the ingredients in the original cold cream, made around the first century A.D. Various types of vinegars are used across a range of our products. Vinegar is excellent in skin care because our skin is naturally slightly acidic, and maintaining this is important. Skin with a healthy pH balance is better equipped to protect itself from bacteria and infections. When applied topically, vinegar also stimulates circulation and tones the skin.

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