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Chamomile Water

Chamomile Water

Calm the mind and skin

Chamomile water provides natural protection and care for sensitive skin, prevents against moisture loss, and relieves and soothes the skin.

Description Chamomile Blue Oil is a mat forming, evergreen perennial with aromatic, finely divided leaves. In the summer, long-stalked flowers with yellow discs and creamy petals are produced. Chamomile flowers are collected when they are in full bloom and used fresh, frozen, or dried. These are then used for infusions, liquid extracts, powders and vinegars. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal and sedative. Aromatherapists have used it for bruises, allergies, stress and depression. It is helpful for even the most sensitive of skins. We make our chamomile water by dispersing chamomile oil in water. We then add this to our products where its effects would be most beneficial.

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