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Cistus Oil

Calming, soothing and astringent

Cistus oil has a warm, amber, honey-like fragrance. It is well known for its calming benefits, as well as its soothing and astringent effect on the skin.

Description The cistus plant is a small shrub from the Cistaceae or rock-rose family that become covered in many flowers when they blossom. The leaves are evergreen and become coated in a sticky resin called labdanum, which protects the plant from the sun. There are approximately twenty different species, growing all over the Mediterranean, and we buy cistus oil from a supplier in Spain. Many materials are produced from the cistus plant, including labdanum resinoid, cistus oil and some other concretes and absolutes. The cistus oil is steam distilled from the plant. It has a honey-like fragrance, and has been used for many centuries in meditation. It is known for calming the spirit whilst stimulating the five senses. In perfumery, cistus oil is often used to give a beautiful warm amber note. On the skin it will have a soothing, wound healing and astringent effect. It has also shown some great result on psoriasis and eczema in the past.

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