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Cleavers herb (Galium aparine), also known as goosegrass, stickyweed, sticky Willy, is a climbing weed. Because of the tenacious hooks on its leaves, stem, fruit and seed pods, it sticks to anything it touches.

Description Its greenish-white flowers bloom in June and July, followed by two-lobed bristly fruits. It is found in Europe and Asia. Cleavers belongs to the same family as the coffee plant (Rubiacea), making it an excellent substitute for coffee. The plants are cut when flowering, use fresh for juice or put in oil and dried for infusions, liquid extracts,and tablets. It is edible when cooked and used as a vegetable in China. We produce an infusion by adding the dried herb to boiled water. We use the deodorising quality of cleavers infusion in our Aromarant solid deodorant. Cleavers has traditionally been used in folk medicine to treat all skin disorders, and was considered beneficial in the treatment of wounds, ulcers, and rashes. Cleavers are used by herbalists for ulcers, skin inflammations, minor injuries and psoriasis.

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