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Coriander Oil

Coriander Oil

Deodorising and stimulating

Coriander has a sweet, spicy, strong and woody aroma. It is known for its stimulating and warming effect on the mind and on the blood flow. It has also an analgesic effect on the muscles, antibacterial and antifungial properties.

Description Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is also known as Chinese parsley or Mexican parsley. It is native to the Middle East, but now grows all over the world. It is a member of the carrot family (Umbelliferae). Coriander grows up to three feet in height. Its leaves are feathery and it bears purple-tinged or white flowers and small green seeds. The coriander oil is steam distilled from these seeds, its main constituents are linalool and geraniol. The leaves can also be simply used fresh and finely chopped. The ancient Egyptians called coriander the spice of happiness, because of its uplifting and anti-fatigue effect on the mind, and used it as an aphrodisiac. It was also referred to as an aphrodisiac in the Arabian fantasy One Thousand and One Nights.

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