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Cowslips (Primula veris) are perennials with oblong leaves. In spring, they grow small, yellow flowers in clusters at the top of long stalks.

Description Our cowslips originate from Europe and Western Asia. The flowers are handpicked in spring and used fresh, or dried, for use in infusions, ointments, and tinctures. They can be eaten in salads, candies and used in beverages. Medicinally, they are used internally for coughs, arthritis, insomnia and headaches. Externally, herbalists use them for facial neuralgia, arthritic pain, skin blemishes, sunburn and migraine. In a bath melt, the dried cowslips can mix with the water, creating a weak infusion and a wonderfully relaxing bath. We use dried cowslips in our Ceridwyn’s Cauldron luxury bath melt as one of the ingredients in this extremely relaxing bath experience.

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