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Fair Trade Organic Sesame Oil

Fair Trade Organic Sesame Oil

Protective and hydrating

Not just for topping burger buns, sesame seeds produce a rich oil that deeply hydrates and protects the skin and hair.

Description Sesame (Sesamum indicum), also known as benne and gingili, is a small seed produced by a tall, strong smelling, annual herb found in the East Indies. Growing up to one metre high, the herb produces seed capsules that burst suddenly to disperse the seeds far and wide. They are collected when ripe, and can be pressed for oil, ground into a paste or stored for decoctions. The seeds contain sesamol, which is a natural preservative, so the oil pressed from them is very stable and highly resistant to oxidation, helping product blends to last longer. Once extracted, the oil is yellow to amber in colour and has a pleasant, mild, nutty aroma and flavour. It is rich in Vitamin E, renowned for it’s smoothing, firming and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin, as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and lecithin - a deeply hydrating mixture for the skin and hair that also protects against the sun’s UV rays.

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