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Fresh Aubergine

Fresh Aubergine


Aubergines contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, but frankly, we all know why they're in here, don't we? Would you have made an aubergine bath bomb without fresh aubergines?

There are many types of aubergine growing all over the world. They can be small, large, ovoid, oblong, white, yellow, striped or purple. The most known and commercialised is the dark purple zeppelin-like type, chosen mainly because it's more resistant to transport (and shows fewer bruises from travel!). Although it's consumed as a vegetable, the spongy fruit is botanically a berry, produced by a plant that can reach 40 to 150 cm. Imagine the first human who tried to eat an aubergine ... it must have been quite unpleasant to crunch into the raw purple berry! Imagine all the testing and ingenuity needed to finally find a way to cook them to perfection. But it was definitely worth it, because eating aubergines (also called eggplants in some countries) is very good for health, especially for cleaning the arteries.

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