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Fresh Bay Leaf Infusion

Fresh Bay Leaf Infusion

Aromatic and toning

Bay (Laurus Nobilis) is a little, evergreen tree. It is a fragrant plant, usually a shrub or small tree that grows particularly well around the coasts of the three continents that surround the Mediterranean ocean. It originated in Southern Europe, Morocco and Spain.

Its leaves were used to crown the victors at the Olympic games; it is a symbol of wisdom, protection and peace. Romans used bay to scent their bath water, as it is sweet and spicy, whilst other Ancient cultures believed it could bring happiness, stimulate clairvoyance and bring artistic inspiration. In India, bay is sacred to the mighty Vishnu: it is revered for its ability to open the heart and mind, to engender love and devotion, and to strengthen faith, compassion and clarity. Bay is antiseptic, astringent, stimulant and a tonic. We use it to stimulate and tone the scalp. An infusion is prepared by soaking the bay leaves in boiling water for approximately thirty minutes. This liquid is then filtered and added to products.

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