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Fresh Kiwi Juice

Fresh Kiwi Juice

Cleansing and nutritious

Kiwi fruits are highly nutritious; they contain a very high level of vitamin C, even more than oranges, as well as excellent levels of vitamins E and A. Their mineral content is exceptional, too. The high concentration of potassium may help in healing the skin.

Description Raw kiwi fruits contain an enzyme called actinidin and this acts to dissolve protein. The action of actinidin will break down protein-based, dead skin cells and dirt on the skin. This can then be removed, leaving the skin fresh and clean.This cleansing and nourishing process is achieved by juicing the fruit fresh and then adding it straight in to the product. The high vitamin content of kiwi juice, particularly the vitamin C which is a great antioxidant, greatly improves skin condition.Because of the enzyme content of kiwi fruit juice, it’s also thought to be a highly effective cleanser for the hair. It helps to strip away dirt and grease whilst all the nutrients add softness and shine, leaving hair in excellent condition.

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