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Fresh Organic Free Range Eggs

Fresh Organic Free Range Eggs

Strengthening and conditioning

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available. They are high in protein and contain most of the known vitamins, apart from vitamin C. They are also rich in minerals, such as selenium and zinc.

Description Eggs have been used as a hair-strengthening remedy for centuries, which is why they are an important ingredient in Lush hair products. The eggs form a protective and conditioning coating on the hair, while the high protein content adds shine and increases strengh. The vitamin D content can also help to promote new hair growth.We also use eggs in some of our fresh face masks, because the natural vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin by regularing sebum production.Our organic free range eggs come from a farm that's around 50 miles away from Lush headquarters in Poole. The farmers adhere to strict organic animal welfare standards, so the chickens are well looked after and are given plenty of space to roam outside. They eat quality organic food and are happy and stress-free in their sheds. These are the high standards of care that we expect, and demand, when animals are making such an important contribution to our products.

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