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Fresh Peach Juice

Fresh Peach Juice

Gentle cleansing and glow

This luxurious juice is mixed into our products for its softening, brightening effect on the skin. As the fruit is rich in Vitamins A, E and K, which help to maintain healthy skin tissue, the juice brings out a healthy glow in the complexion. It also has a gentle cleansing effect and removes dirt from the skin without feeling too astringent, due to the fruit's high water content. Peach juice has a sweet, fruity fragrance, which is delicate rather than overwhelming, and has an uplifting effect on the mind.

The peach tree (prunus persica) is a fruit bearing tree belonging to the Rosaceae family, which has been cultivated in China and Persia since ancient times, being brought to Europe by the Romans. The peach is a fruit with a fleshy exterior surrounding a hard pit which stores the kernel. There are hundreds of peach varieties, with their fuzzy skin ranging from white and yellow to red. Smooth-skinned varieties are called nectarines. Fresh juice is squeezed from the soft pulp of the fruit, producing a liquid which is high in water content, sweet and slightly sticky to touch.

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