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Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

Aromatic and invigorating

The coffee plant (Coffea arabica) is an evergreen shrub that grows up to five metres high. It grows fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers, which are then followed by deep red beans. The plant forms wild forests in parts of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Description Arabica is the most widely grown species, particularly in South America, and produces the best quality coffee. Coffee is deeply aromatic and this makes it perfect for shower and bath products. Coffee beans were traditionally used to soothe the skin. We infuse fresh, ground coffee in hot water, filter it and mix this delicious liquid in to the product. We also soak ground coffee beans with essential oils as an extract and use additional ground beans in a Bubble Bar mix. When added to a hot bath, the aroma and effect of the coffee is released. For centuries, the beans have been eaten raw as a stimulant. The habit of drinking coffee probably originated with the Abyssinians. Coffee contains up to 0.32% caffeine when it is fresh. Its caffeine content is used to increase the effect of aspirin and paracetamol. The powdered seeds have been used for reducing heat and inflammation. We use fresh, ground coffee in our Caca Brun and Caca Marron henna hair colours. The coffee creates the deep colours in the product and releases its rich, deep scent when added to the hot water.

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