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Ground White Rice

Ground White Rice


Ground rice is used as an exfoliant; the slight roughness of it sloughs away surface dry skin cells to reveal a brighter, fresher looking skin. In a shaving product, it also raises the beard prior to shaving.

Description A staple grain of half the world, rice has developed from wild grasses found in Asia and Indochina and is now widely cultivated throughout the world in areas with warm climates and abundant water. Rice is covered in an inedible husk, which has to be removed before eating. Beneath this is another layer, the bran, which contains 10% of the protein, 85% of the fat, 70% of the minerals, and a large amount of the B vitamins. This layer is left on for whole grain (brown) rice, while for processed (white) rice it is removed; this allows the rice to cook faster. Its removal also leads to a loss of important fibre, vitamins and minerals. The rice is harvested and rubber rollers remove the husk. Our ground rice is produced by grinding the rice into a rough powder.

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