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Hungarian Honey

Hungarian Honey

Moisturising and antiseptic

Honey is a fragrant, sweet, sticky liquid made by honeybees. Evidence shows us that honey has a range of benefits such as containing nutrients and is antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant and antifungal which benefit the skin and hair.

Honey has been used as a skin ointment for over 2000 years due to its antiseptic nature. The bees collect nectar from plants, carry it to their hives and convert it to honey. The colour, fragrance and properties of honey are determined by the source of the nectar. It is also a natural humectant meaning it attracts and retains moisture. Left undiluted, honey is self-preserving and will remain usable for years, although it may crystallise (a natural process, which can be remedied by the application of a little heat). This means we can use it in our products in place of synthetic preservatives in certain self preserving products as part of an expertly balanced formula. Different types of honey are used in different products. In addition to being very moisturising, the antibacterial action helps to thoroughly clean the skin in shower, hair and skin care. It is suitable for the delicate skin on the face and also incredibly protective in our lip balms and cleansers.

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