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Japanese Rapeseed Oil

Moisturising and emollient

Containing more than 50% of omega 9 oleic acid, rapeseed oil is very moisturising and emollient on skin, and is said to have good antioxidant properties, which helps the skin to be firm and glowing.

Description Also called canola or colza, the rape plant (a name that comes from the latin word ‘rapa’ wich means ‘turnip’) comes from the same family of mustard and cabbage and therefore has a slightly tangy taste when it hasn’t been refined. It has been cultivated in Europe and Asia since antiquity, painting beautiful, bright yellow landscapes in the fields during the flowering period. This Japanese rapeseed oil is bought from a small collective of farmers in the Fukushima nuclear disaster area in Japan. The plant has the amazing ability to soak up irradiated caesium from the soil. However, when you extract oil from the rape seeds, the caesium stays in the plant, and is not present in the oil. As a result, this rapeseed oil is safe to use, whilst also cleaning up the soil. This is called bioremediation, regenerating the land using nature. The Japanese Buying Team at Lush has worked closely with the Fukushima farmers to support them. Their work is providing a vital source of income for farmers who lost their livelihoods in the Fukushima disaster.

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