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Juniperberry oil

Juniperberry oil

Balancing and cleansing

Juniperberry oil is the perfect ingredient to cleanse and calm the skin and scalp thanks to its sebum balancing effects and is soothing and very antiseptic. Don't turn your nose up at juniperberry, it lends its talents to deodorants too, it regulates sweat and limits the growth of body odour producing bacteria, while giving the skin a fresh woody scent.

Juniperberry oil is extracted from the spicy blue-black berry of the Juniper tree. The tree is indigenous to Europe and is also cultivated for its bark, from which cade oil is distilled. In a warm relaxing bath, the oil revives worn out bodies and helps replenish tired spirits. It is woody and fresh, and sometimes remind people of an aroma they know… gin? Good guess! The blue-black berry is indeed used to flavour the trendy beverage. Lush buy juniperberry oil from Hungary and have worked with the supplier for around 15 years as of 2018. They are a family business and also supply Lush with chamomile blue oil.\

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