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Lavender Syrup

Lavender Syrup

Humectant and soothing

Lavender is used for its balancing and soothing qualities, making it ideal for irritated skin and scalps. It is also great for calming the mind and aiding a restful sleep. Thanks to the sugar it's made with, the syrup will be also a great humectant, maintaining moisture into the skin.

There are about 25-30 different species of lavender belonging to the Labiatae family. French lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) comes from Provence. Lavender is a perennial, shrub-like plant that's part of the mint family. There are many ways to use lavender, distilled, infused or used entirely. The syrup is usually made by boiling together fresh lavender flower, water and sugar. Rene Maurice Gattefosse, an early 20th century French chemist, discovered the soothing qualities of Lavender by once accidentally burning his arm and dunking it into lavender oil, which he thought was cold water. His arm healed so well, Maurice became extremely interested in the properties of essential oils and studied the topic more deeply. He is credited as the father of modern aromatherapy.

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