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Marjoram Oil

It’s thyme for herbs

This fragrant herb balances, cleanses, and brightens the skin while diffusing a herbal and spicy aroma, sometimes described as a pungent eucalyptus scent.

Description ‘Marjoram’ is an umbrella name for a few different plants, all belonging to Lamiaceae family, a family of flowering plants that regroups almost all the edible aromatic herbs like oregano, thyme, mint, nettle or rosemary. Marjoram herbs are species from the oregano or thyme genus and used for culinary purposes or distilled to make essential oil, which will have different scents depending on their type. The Spanish marjoram oil (Thymus mastichina), also known as mastic thyme, belongs to the Thymus genus. Compared to the common garden marjoram oil, which belongs to the oregano genus and has a sweet herbal scent, the Spanish type is more spicy and oriental. Lush buy the oil directly from the producer, a family business that both grows and wild harvests herbs in the Murcia region of Spain, which is considered to be the essential oil heart of the country.

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