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Millet Flakes

The common millet is one of the most ancient foods; known to the Ancient Egyptians, it was also the staple food of the Chinese before rice became popular.

Description Millet is prolific in its production of seeds and is also known as Panicum italica and Setaria italica. The seeds are pressed for oil and used for both human consumption and bird feed. The seeds are milled into flour, coarsely ground into meal, and puffed into puffed millet. Our millet flakes are produced by rolling the seeds into tiny flakes. It is a good alternative for people who have allergies to other grains. Millet is rich in protein, fibre, silica, vitamins and minerals. Millet is antifungal. We use finely ground millet flakes in our BB Seaweed fresh face mask to gently exfoliate the skin and add interesting texture to the product.

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