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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Protective and soothing

It’s no secret that coconut oil is richly moisturising and soothing on the skin, but did you know that it also protects and adds shine to hair?

Thought to be native to Polynesia, Malaysia and southern Asia the coconut palm, of the Arecaceae family, blooms and fruits all year round. Contrary to what their name might suggest, the coconut is a drupe, not a nut. Shredded coconut (copra made from the inner lining of the coconut) is used to make coconut oil. As well as in cosmetics it has been used for centuries in cooking. The two main sources of coconut oil Lush uses are located on Indonesian islands off of mainland Sumatra. Here the producers work closely with local farmers maintaining year-round production.

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