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Pine Needle Absolute

Pine Needle Absolute

Fragrant and Warming

Inhaling pine needle absolute is like wandering in a forest on the French riviera, pines warmed by the summer sun, needles cracking under your shoes. The air smells green and fresh, calming and very uplifting.

Pinus sylvestris is an evergreen tree with a reddish-brown bark. It may reach heights of 40 metres tall and is native to the Eurasian continent. The very aromatic absolute, distilled from its long blue-green needles, is produced in France. Every part of the pine tree contains pinene, an aromatic compound giving antimicrobial properties to every oil and absolute derived from it. Fresh and warm at the same time, pine needle absolute also increases blood flow when applied on the skin or diluted in bath water and helps to relieve aches and pains in sore muscles and joints.

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