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Pink Pepper Oil

Aromatic and toning

If Peter Piper picked a pepper, we think it would have been a pink one! As well as having a sweet and spicy scent, it’s packed with toning and rejuvenating qualities that are sure to leave your skin looking radiant as well.

Description The tree that produces the pink peppercorns berries is fast growing. Reaching heights of up to 45 meters tall, fruit clusters grow in the hundreds. The berries, bark and leaves all hold an intense aroma when crushed. Surprisingly, the pink peppercorn is classified as a tree nut as part of the cashew family. First thought to be used by the Inca people, the pink pepper seeds were used to produce a warming drink and nourishing broth to spice up life in mountainous conditions. Nowadays, the berries are often used for their aromatherapy benefits. The perfume that the pink pepper oil brings is sweeter than black pepper - it is described as a full-bodied, sweet and spicy scent. This intensity is cut with lighter notes of subtle flora and smoke, making for a powerful and uplifting mix.

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