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Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds


Don't be fooled by their little size... poppy seeds are great for exfoliating the skin!

There are two main kinds of poppies. The field type, with its familiar hairy stem and beautiful vibrant red flowers, grows close to corn crops and along roadsides, a pleasing view from the car window while we are heading for summer holidays, a real symbol of the hot and lazy days to come... ... but the seeds are not harvested from this type, they're from the other one, the opium poppy. These flowers are also magnificent, colouring themselves from white to crimson, usually higher in size than its field variety. The milky sap coming from the flower's head is known as a strong sedative and pain-killer from which opium is created however the poppy seeds are totally exempt from these properties. Edible, crunchy, nutty and beloved in baked goods, they will gently exfoliate the skin when used in cosmetics, rubbing dead cells and dirt away, giving the skin a nice breath of fresh air.

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