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Powdered Sage

Powdered Sage

Antibacterial and Absorbent

Common sage (Salva officinalis) is an evergreen, perennial shrub. Its Latin name stems from ‘salvere,’ meaning ‘to be well', which references the plant’s properties and effects on human health.

Description For centuries, sage has been used in pagan and Wiccan rituals. It is thought to purify and cleanse a place, warding off evil spirits. Powdered sage has many culinary uses, it is added to cheese, sausages, and stuffing and can also be used as a tea. Our powdered sage is sourced from Turkey via a UK supplier. The leaves are picked for immediate use, or before flowers open for oil distillation and drying. The dried leaves are ground to produce powdered sage. It is stimulating and cleansing to the skin and scalp, and soothing to sore muscles. The phenolic acids make sage a potent antioxidant. Powdered sage is antiseptic and absorbs excess sweat, limiting the growth of body odour producing bacteria. It is thought to be one of the most effective herbs at dealing with bacteria on the skin, which is why it can be found in one of our most effective deodorants, The Greeench. Bearing many stems, its leaves are wrinkled, pale and a velvet texture. In summer, spikes of violet, pink or white flowers appear. Sage grows across the world; its flowers produce abundant nectar, making them important plants for bees.

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