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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil


Name one healthy vitamin or fatty acid and pumpkin seed oil will probably have it! Carotenoids, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6... If your skin could go shopping for the best items to soothe, moisturise, brighten, firm up and rejuvenate (with a nutty scent on the top of it) it would just need to pick up pumpkin seed oil!

Cucurbita pepo is native to the American continent, it belongs to the cucumber (Cucurbitaceae) family and was one of the staple foods and medicinal plants of the Native Americans. Pumpkins range from yellow to bright orange in colour and can grow very large and heavy - the current record being 766kg. There are many annual record-breaking attempts - from growing the largest to how fast one can carve a face into a pumpkin. (Can you beat 24 seconds?) The edible flesh, encased in a tough outer shell, contains an inner membrane and seeds, both of which are removed before preparing pumpkin dishes or carving Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween. The seeds are usually coated in a thin husk (although huskless varieties exist) and are extremely nutritious. This oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of pumpkins that are grown without chemicals.

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