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St Johns Wort Infusion

St Johns Wort Infusion

Skin conditioning

Native to Southern Europe and West Asia, St. John’s wort prefers dry areas and rockeries. Its yellow flower petals are lined by tiny black spots on the edges, and the plant can reach heights of up to 70 cm.

Topical application of St. John’s wort is skin conditioning. It has been traditionally used by herbalists to heal wounds and soothe skin after sun exposure. St. John’s wort shows some antibacterial and antifungal activity. It has also been shown to relieve itching and help reduce inflammation of the skin. It was thought to be a magical herb in the 11th century and was part of traditional midsummer celebrations. Popular and well researched as a food supplement, St. John’s wort has been successfully used to treat mild depression, although more research is required to find out exactly how it works. St. John’s wort is currently being investigated for a number of other wide-range therapeutic purposes. To make our infusion, we add St. John’s wort to hot, boiled water, and after a time, we strain the mixture and add it to our products. We’ve used St John’s wort infusion in our Ultralight moisturiser to cater for dry, mature skins, or skin that needs a little extra care. It works in combination with aloe vera, kelp seaweed, witch hazel and glycerine to create a protective barrier for the skin.

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