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Ylang Ylang Absolute

Ylang Ylang Absolute

Sweet, heady and floral

Ylang ylang has a heady, sweet and floral aroma and is often used in aromatherapy for its uplifting properties.

Description Ylang ylang belongs to the Annonaceae plant family. The oil, either colourless or a very pale yellow, is extracted from the flowers of the plant by steam distillation. The absolute is extracted via solvent extraction, getting the very best from the ylang ylang flowers. Ylang ylang infusion is made by steeping the ylang flowers in hot, boiled water. Ylang is a tropical tree that grows up to 60 feet tall in Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. In the local dialect, ylang ylang means flower of flowers. Ylang Ylang is used to create the fragrances that go into many of our products. Ylang ylang extra is the best grade and most stringent standard for quality.

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