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If you’re a fan of sparkling, uplifting fragrances then this soap will do the job. Bulging with fruity bergamot, zingy litsea cubeba and sweet tonka, this scent has stamina, lasting on the skin long into the night. For suds worthy of a swipe right, take a firm grip and lather up.

You'll love this if you like:
- The sweet, fresh fragrance you get when you first walk into a Lush shop.
29 High Street perfumeAubergine bath bomb, or Comfort Zone shower bomb.
- Swiping right, being cheeky and living that emoji life.

- Fresh aubergine decoction is packed with Vitamin C, helping to brighten and even skin tone.
- You’ll find ho wood nestled in the complex fragrance, adding a deep, woody warmth.
- A palm-free soap base of rapeseed and coconut oil creates a creamy and gentle lather.

How to use: Work this soap into a foamy lather on your skin before rinsing away.

How to store: Keep your soap somewhere cool, and after you’ve used it just place it on the side to dry so it’s ready to go over, and over again.


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Customer Reviews

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Bought initially as gift; now thinking of buying for myself

I bought this as a Valentine’s Day gift/joke for my girlfriend, but before I did, I tried it in the store first. MY GOD. It smells so good!! I kept holding it and smelling it that I must have looked funny to the people passing by outside. And then, I washed my hands using it. That sealed the deal for me.

I gave it to my girl earlier, and she loved it!! Cheeky humour aside, I hope she does enjoy using it.

Thank you to the kind crew of Lush in Greenbelt for recommending it!