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As I step over the threshold, a blanket of vanilla absolute wraps me up in a warm embrace, leaving a sweet scent. A pot of gently spiced hot chocolate bubbles on the stove, cocoa absolute drawing out memories of all the things I love. I sink into folds of the familiar arm chair, well-read books resting against walls. The warming scent of benzoin resinoid gently strokes across my skin. As rain petters on the windows, and the air crackles with a warming fragrance, I know, I'm home.

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I'm Home

Solid Perfume


This product does not contain animal products of any kind.

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Customer Reviews

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A sweet surprise!

The smell that the product gives off straight from the pot kind of smells earthy but don't let that fool you though! The scent definitely shines once you apply it onto your skin. Really smells like someone's whipping up a fresh batch of cookies in the kitchen.