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You'll look sweet upon a seat of this bicycle made for you. A trio of perfectly pink, sensual products will leave your skin feeling soft and cared for. Get a handle on the free-wheeling scents of pomegranate, vanilla and jasmine. Feel free to use them in tandem or one at a time for luxurious soaks and showers.

They’ll love this if they like:
- Sweet scents for any mood.
- A great mix of skin softening treats for the bath and shower.
- Having a wheelie good time.

Gifting all wrapped up:
- The packaging of this gift is made of recycled and recyclable card.
- When you products have been removed, feel free to use again and stock up with new treats.

How to use:
- Bath bomb: Drop into your bathwater for a dazzling release of colours and essential oils.
- Shower gel: Lather up with warm water all over your skin before rinsing away.

How to store: Store this gift in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to give it to your loved ones


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What's in this gift:

Marshmallow World
Bath Bomb
0.2 kg
Sweets for my sweet
Prince Charming
Shower Gel
0.1 kg
A pomegranate prince.
Sex Bomb
Bath Bomb
0.2 kg
This bomb's made for lovin'

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