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For the perfect herbal Sunday afternoon soap to help keep skin clear, calm and breakout free mix together:

A scoop of exfoliating fine ground oatmeal
Some cooling aloe vera gel
A handful of antimicrobial fresh parsley and thyme
A few drops of antiseptic tea tree oil

Lather up and rinse off for a cooling cleanse that's just right.


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Parsley Porridge


Good green fun

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Herbal Soap

In this current situations, Parsely Porridge hand and body soap is the best, it has Tea Tree oil for antibacterial and antiseptic. Alternative use besides of chemically made sanitizers. Hand washing for me is better especially if you are using a naturally made soaps. I preferred to use this for my family. It is a big help for me, no harm, safe synthetic ingredients and packaging free. Would recommend for people out there who's looking for essentially herbal handwash.

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