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As the sound of the shower rains down onto your skin, filling your bathroom, close your eyes and you will hear the sound of a river streaming to your dreams. This gift includes six products that will have you glowing from head to toe. Shiny hair, soft and smooth skin, and hands and feet that feel brand new. After you enjoy a shower with the fresh scents of lemon, lime and peppermint, gently polish your skin to fully refresh and step out feeling renewed. This whimsical box is perfect to reuse and store your goodies in. 

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River of Dreams


3,750.00 PHP


What's in this gift:

Shampoo Bar
0.055 kg
When life gives you lemons...
Ocean Salt
Face and Body Scrub
0.12 kg
Scrub and soften
Outback Mate
0.1 kg
Get clean down under
Pumice Power
Foot Soap
0.065 kg
Scrub me like you do
Salted Coconut
Hand Scrub
0.1 kg
Take hands to paradise
The Olive Branch
Shower Gel
0.1 kg
Peaceful skin

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