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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Introducing Corporate Gifting… the Lush way!


How can Lush help you gift the most wonderful, scentsational, thoughtful and sustainable gifts to your employees and clients?

Have you exhausted your hampers and gift card options and want to seek out something personal, caring and a gift that will truly wow the recipient?  A visit to Lush means you are in the right place.  Rest assured that we can find you a gift that will totally hit the right note.

Simply contact your local store via our shop page to speak to your nearest gift concierge or you can get in touch with our Customer Care team by email at or by phone at (02) 8830 5000. You can also reach us via The Specialist.

The creation, design and assembly of a Lush gift is no simple task. Inventors spend yonks creating products that evoke certain moods, feelings and moments, while the buying team is dedicated to tying in our ethical values, by finding responsibly sourced and reusable packaging.  So, now you know how much love and care is wrapped up in these gifts, the only thing left to do is pick one that suits your needs…

What Lush can offer?

  • Reusable packaging: Gifts that keep on giving!
  • When the boxes spring to life, they are filled with Eco Pops, Lush’s biodegradable packaging pops, to protect the sustainably sourced cosmetics.
  • Explore an explosion of colour and reusable packaging of all shapes and sizes in the gifts collection. Each gift has a story, what will yours reveal?
  • What is better than one present? Two, of course! Knot Wraps are a fabric alternative and recyclable gift wrap inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (a wrapping cloth). Not only do they look fantastic but reduce wastage because they can be used again and again (or given back to the gift-giver in true Japanese fashion).
  • Flexibility to work across a wide range of budgets, from lovely gestures to impressive and spectacular presents.
  • A dedicated customer experience for you and your business with our Lush gift concierge.  

To begin, please contact your local store via our shop page here:  to speak to your nearest gift concierge or you can get in touch with our Customer Care team through email at

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