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Dispelling the biggest soap myths

Dispelling the biggest soap myths

Liquid vs. Solid, Bar vs. Pump: Are some soaps cleaner than others?

We’ve rounded up five pesky soap myths that keep bubbling up. Whether bar soap dries out your skin to how easily liquid soap bottles can be recycled, we’re here to cut through the grease and deliver the cold-pressed truth.

Myth #1: Bar soap is dirty

Who washes the washers? If you’re worried about bacterial buildup on your soap, we have good news (and a word of warning). It’s a common misconception that the dirt and grime that gets scrubbed from your skin is “trapped” on the surface of the soap. Nope. In fact, when you wash with soap, it lifts away impurities, so they’re easy to rinse off. Which means that the same dirt that’s been washed away from skin can also be washed away from soap—just be sure to rinse the bar and store it in a dry draining dish when you’re done.

Myth #2: Bar soap is wasteful

Nobody wants to see money go down the drain, but are you really saving more with a liquid than a solid? Survey says no. In fact, many people use far more liquid soap when they squeeze it into their hand or a loofah than they do when using bar soap directly on their skin. And when you reach the end of your soap and you’re only left with a little piece, you can mold it into your next bar to keep it from (literally) slipping through the cracks.

Myth #3: Liquid soap bottles are easy to recycle

You can’t just toss liquid soap bottles in the recycling bin. Compared to packaging-free bar soap which simply melts away as you use it, recycling liquid soap containers requires more work. First, you have to completely rinse out the bottle, because leftover residue makes it harder to break down and be turned into new plastic. The pump needs to be removed and thrown away, since it can’t be recycled at all. If you want an eco-friendlier option, our shower gels are made from recycled plastic bottles and come with a regular, recyclable cap rather than a pump.

The softening suds of Honey I Washed The Kids

Someone lathering their hands with Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

Myth #4: Soap dries out your skin

Sure, some soaps are loaded with harsh chemicals that strip skin of natural oils, along with dirt and grime, but our soaps are packed with a healthy dose of skin-softening ingredients like the aloe and honey found in bestseller Honey I Washed The Kids. Many are also blended with fragrant and nourishing essential oils to keep skin hydrated, as well as fresh and clean.

Myth #5: Soap bars leave a mess

Not sure where to store your soap to keep your bathroom clean and uncluttered between washes? We recommend giving soap a quick rinse when you’re done with it, and letting it drain in a dish rather than letting it wade in a puddle at the edge of your tub. You could even use some of our prettiest soaps to dress up your bathroom counter – from the floral perfection of Ro's Argan to the scrubby serenity of Sandstone.


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