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How to exfoliate skin

How to exfoliate skin

How to exfoliate skin, and everything you need to know about Lush scrubs.

Out with the old, in with the new! Regular, gentle exfoliation helps to remove dirt and debris from the skin, revealing a smooth glow. So, there are a few things you’ll need to know when it comes to selecting the right scrub. Read on, and let us fill you in…


How to scrub.

Body scrubs are to be applied in stimulating circular motions, typically in the shower (although you can use them pre-shower or bath - more on that below!), followed by a wash, and then moisturising all areas. The same goes for a face exfoliator, although we have found it better to apply facial scrubs over the sink, or a bowl of warm water. We’d generally recommend only exfoliating a couple of times per week, either morning or evening, to avoid your skin having to work harder replenishing itself repeatedly. And of course, it’s best not to use a scrub when your skin is going through something specific that makes it more susceptible to sensitivity or irritation, e.g. a flare up of eczema. In that instance, we’d say it’s worth stripping back the routine, being extra careful and kind to yourself.

Remember to listen to your skin; everyone is different, and the frequency and intensity of your perfect exfoliation routine will be unique to you. If you’re unsure, it’s always worth having a sit down consultation with one of our shop team members or even via Live Chat on the website - let us Lushies help find the perfect products for you!

Bead-gone - choosing the right ingredients.

Thankfully the ban on microbeads in cosmetics has been in place for a while now, and has been helping to reduce the amount of tiny pieces of plastic accumulating in the world's waterways, harming marine life and entering the food chain. At Lush we have always championed natural, biodegradable alternatives. Read the ingredients on any of our pots or bottles, and you’ll find that nature really can provide all you need to exfoliate skin. Nuts, including walnuts and almonds, can be ground into certain sizes to suit different products; bamboo stem extract is fine and buffing, while caster sugar packs a sweetness that makes it perfect for polishing lips. We have a natural scrub for every part of you. 

Acids and enzymes, and chemical vs physical.

There are different ways of removing dead skin cells. Exfoliating acids (chemical exfoliants) work by disrupting how cells connect, and break down that bond to allow old skin cells to be removed. Physical exfoliants work by manually removing the dead skin cells through the motion of rubbing the exfoliating particles over the skin. At Lush we have a preference for physical exfoliants, not only because it allows us to pack in even more great natural ingredients, but because it is more difficult to ‘overdo’ a physical scrub. 

We don’t add synthetic hydroxy acids to our formulas; we prefer to look into nature to find ways of achieving the effects we’re after by putting the whole fruit into our products. Our new exfoliating face scrub Happy Skin is a perfect example of this blend of the physical and naturally-occuring chemical exfoliation, balanced to make it one of our best exfoliators for sensitive skin. The freshly juiced pineapple is rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) as well as enzymatic bromelain, which eat away at the bonds between old skin cells, loosening them ready for the support of gentle yet effective physical scrubs, bamboo stem extract and tagua nut powder, to remove them from the surface of the skin.

What makes our aforementioned ingredient tagua nut so special is how regenerative it is. The powder is made by grinding down waste nuts and is 100% biodegradable. The local community is involved at every stage of processing, making it truly regenerative; environmentally, socially and economically. 

If you feel you have gone a bit hard on chemical exfoliants for a while, fear not! Ultrabland Self Preserving Cleanser has been carefully re-structured to cleanse with maximum effect and minimum interference to your skin’s microflora. It will remove dirt and makeup effectively without stripping away your natural defences, and give your skin a chance to recover and replenish.

Get your blood pumping!

Have you ever tried a dry exfoliating body scrub? By applying one of our potted body exfoliators (such as Magic Crystals) to your skin before getting in the shower or bath, you are in for an incredibly invigorating experience. As well as removing any dead skin cells and debris, it will help with your circulation beneath your skin as well as aid absorption of any moisturising products you add later.

How to use body scrub dry? Simply apply as instructed above, perhaps over a bath mat - or even in the shower/bath, before you switch it on!

One scrub to rule them all.

Do we want an exfoliating scrub for the face, or the body? Can’t choose? Get one for both. Our classic Ocean Salt scrub is not only suitable for your face or your body with its refreshing sea salt exfoliation but it also comes in a variety of formulas to suit every need. From the original to Alcohol-free, Preservative-free or both, with its distinctive salty citrus scent is the best body scrub to leave you feeling like you just stepped out of the deep blue sea. 

Ditch the plastic.

The only thing we love more than putting our products in recycled plastic packaging, is making them totally and completely naked! Mixing the best naturally exfoliating ingredients with butters and oils in products like Scrubee means not only can we make them packaging-free, but also you get the benefits of a scrub and a moisturiser all in one, making them a great exfoliator for dry skin.

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