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Vegan toothpaste... jelly?!

Vegan toothpaste... jelly?!

Searching for a travel-friendly, super flavourful and vegan toothpaste? We’ve shaken up our toothpaste game. Well, given it a wobble. That’s right - say ‘jello’ to toothpaste jelly! Never mind what Destiny’s Child said… we know you’re ready.



Toothpaste jelly gives the same squeaky-clean feeling you’d get with regular toothpaste, but with a whole host of additional benefits. Entirely recyclable packaging? Tick! Fresh and effective ingredients? Of course! An abundance of delicious flavours to leave you beaming after every brush? Toothpaste jelly has got you covered! 

Each vegan toothpaste has a base consisting of sorbitol and xylitol: Two ingredients that are not only sweet but also prohibit the growth of acid-producing bacteria present in the mouth. What gives each toothpaste that soft and soothing jelly texture? Seaweed! 

Thinking back on kids’ birthday parties, it might sound counterintuitive to brush with a jelly. You may be surprised at how similar toothpaste jelly feels to the regular toothpaste you’re used to squeezing from a tube. Better yet, you can mix and match flavours. Scoop up however much you want from any pot and create your own beautiful, and tasty, brush art. 

There’s no need to worry about any nasties. The product is made so that the base is a bacteria buster, meaning that you can dip your brush and use as many times as you please, safe in the knowledge that your smile is safe as well as environmentally sound.

Now you know all about that base, check out the five options and what they’re all about:

Blue Tooth (The blue, balsamic one)

One that’s sure to leave you smiling; this is packed with antibacterial eucalyptus and refreshing peppermint oils for a new menthol twist on classic mint. A lemongrass infusion is used for its antiseptic properties. This also deodorises breath wonderfully with its uplifting citrusy fragrance. 

Plaque Sabbath (The black, polishing one)

Go back to black with gently polishing activated charcoal. Spicy clove bud oil (a natural antiseptic thanks to its natural eugenol content) soothes sensitive gums, giving you something positive to shout about. The flavours of Brazilian orange and tangerine oils work together with liquorice root infusion so that you can rock wildly fresh breath, all day.

White Fang (The white, minty one)

Keep your canines feeling fine with an arctic blast of cooling mint. This is the one to go for if you love that traditional freshness, the added benefits of a self-preserving product that’s not tested on animals and want a completely recycled and recyclable pot with your jelly. Quadruple mint chimes in with an icy blast to refresh your breath naturally and effectively.

Megawatt Smile (The yellow, buzzing one)

The ingredient we’re buzzing about in this one is the electric daisies, which serve as a powerful element when used in oral care. It tingles on your tongue and gifts this sunshine yellow jelly its antibacterial properties. Go for this if you want a refreshing citrus twist while brushing with bergamot, litsea cubeba and a pinch of cleansing sea salt.

Strawberries & Clean (The red, juicy one)

A unique and juicy blend of lime essential oil, sensual jasmine and real strawberry extract comes to life when brushing. Initially sweet and jammy, its fresh factor amps up while you’re cleaning your teeth thanks to a refreshing hit of menthol. A touch of vanilla pod infusion adds to the gourmand flavour of this scrumptious concoction. 

Give these a try and you’ll be enamoured in no time! Let us know what your favourite flavour is over at, or show us on social using #LushCommunity. 

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