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 “Better than any supermarket toothpaste I've ever tried. I can see a difference in the color of my teeth since using - they are whiter than they were.” - sarahjanespindler1_6978009

“Great, well balanced taste. Not too much charcoal--doesn't turn everything black, just enough to help out your teeth. Helps my teeth look whiter when I use it! Amazing clean; great toothpaste.”- fox.rebecca1991

“Sweet taste of licorice, quickly cleansing, and reduces toothache! I've even noticed a slight whitening after 4 days of use. Would certainly recommended and purchase again.” - Rho

How to use: Go back to black with this gently polishing, activated charcoal toothpaste jelly. Brighten your smile with soothing, spicy clove bud oil and anti-inflammatory liquorice root infusion. Scoop out a little jelly with a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth as normal before spitting and rinsing. Zesty Brazilian orange and tangerine oils lend their bold, citrus flavour to this brightening clean.

How to store: Simply keep where you stash your regular toothpaste between uses, pop the top back on to keep out any dust and to stop it drying out. The self-preserving formula means this jelly stays fresh and germ free.

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Toothpaste Jelly


This product does not contain animal products of any kind.


This product doesn't contain any synthetic preservatives.

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